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The Cool Kids

Rap Group and Producer


"Listen to The Cool Kids’ “All or Nothing” [ft. Larry June]" - PITCHFORK



Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks, dubbed "Your favorite rapper's favorite rappers" are the original influencers of Hip Hop's golden past and are credited with bringing the Chicago hip-hip scene into the digital age. The duo opened doors for artists like Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Gucci Mane, Kanye West, and even Lil B to be themselves in their own music and rap about self-expression and individualism by spreading an inclusive "Be yourself" type of message. Originally, Mikey and Chuck were planning to be producers selling beats, but a session in 2005 inspired them to become their own wordsmiths. They turned to MySpace and released song after song and two mixtapes that gave them the cult following necessary to catch the attention of the Pitchfork Music Festival, which brought their visibility catching the attention of Flosstradamus, Diplo, and A-Trak, who signed them to Fool's Gold Records to release the single "88'". Once they dropped their infamous The Bake Sale EP, leading to the release and success of "Black Mags." They eventually went on to tour with M.I.A, a slew of heavy-hitting collabs with the likes of Drake, Mac Miller, Lil Wayne, and Ghostface Killah, licensing deals with NBA 2K and HBO's Entourage, and a Rhapsody commercial.


The Cool Kids
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