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JB Somers



"Montgomery native, Nashville pop artist JB Somers finds new music, new life after coming out" - MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER

"The Pop/Alternative Singer is Ready to Make it Big" - INSTINCT MAGAZINE


Cradled by southern influences of gospel and soul, Alabama-native JB Somers always had a passion for music that connects people to themselves, each other, and to a higher power. Growing up in the Evangelical church inspired him to make music that made a difference however also prevented him from being his full true self.

Since the age of 8 years old music allowed an escape for JB that he couldn’t find in church. However, it wasn't until 2016 after the unfortunate passing of his sister that he decided to take the leap into music professionally. He credits Hozier, Sam Smith, Joni Mitchell, and Brooke Ligertwood as some of his inspirations when writing and creating music.

Now living in Nashville, JB aims to utilize his platform to encourage others to live freely and love every part of their identity and journey because everyone was created with a purpose.


JB Somers
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