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Dianna Lopez



Dianna Lopez is an afro-indigenous, rising independent artist and musician based in Brooklyn, New York. Raised by a musical family Lopez was exposed to a wide range of music at an early age. Her father was a DJ in the Bronx and her mother would always fill the house with Donna Summer and other old school tracks. Her interest in music led Lopez to join her church choir at an early age but it wasn't until she attended SUNY Purchase that she began recording her own music from her dorm. Her distinct style lies somewhere at the intersection of indie rock and experimental music with elements of avant-pop and R&B. Over the past few years, Lopez has started to make her stamp in the indie space by releasing projects, going on tour with rising talents like UMI and gradually growing her online fan base resulting in nearly 80K followers on instagram and over 60K monthly Spotify listeners consisting of over 4 million streams. With her ethereal, trance-like style production, in conjunction with her stream of consciousness writing, Lopez hopes to release music that carries messages that can provide spiritual healing to others, her own form of ‘Medicine Music.’



Dianna Lopez Shares Her Irresistible Single and Video “Nerves” - RAYDAR MAGAZINE

Dianna Lopez
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