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Singer & Songwriter

Bairi is a rising singer and songwriter from Hershey, PA, who’s best described as dramatic, immersive, experimental, and passionate when it comes to her craft. A self-professed Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts super fan and overall gamer girl, she draws inspiration from all corners of pop culture to craft intense and moving musical works, based on her own experiences as a 20-something journeying through love, lust, and life. She’s in the early stages of her career and has already built a steady cult following as she emerges into stardom.

In 2019, she underwent more growth than ever before and truly became Bairi — a moniker inspired by the powerful Kingdom Hearts character Kairi. Since then, she has continually shown promise, versatility and progression through every addition to her discography: from trap-inspired bops such as Medu$$$a and Brat, to sweet and sultry ballads like Permission and Free, to even her unique takes on modern day classics with P&W and Star Projectors. In 2022 she aims to hone in on the anticipation she has created for herself, and launch her anticipated debut project, Fire Siren.

“I want to bring light and peace into the world, as a being and in music,” Bairi says about the inspirations behind her art. “Not to make others believe that everything is always light and peaceful, but instead let them know that there’s peace in knowing that through all of the trials and tribulations, we are still able to be divine.” With such a strong message and equally strong talent to back it up, it is obvious that Bairi has become a force that the entire world will support.


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